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Miss Daisy's Health, LLC is the online LOW price leader for the ORIGINAL Miracle II Soap Products shipped DIRECTLY from Miracle II,(formerly Tedco, INC) in Monroe, LA.

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Miracle II Soap is the only all natural soap you need to clean everything that water won't hurt. There is no other soap like it. From its inventor Clayton Tedeton over 30 years ago, it offers a complex mixture of minerals and natural ingredients designed for detoxification and purifying your system.


New to Miracle II Products? Try our Starter Kit that includes: 22oz. Regular Miracle Soap, Moisturizing Soap, and Neutralizer plus an 8oz Lotion and Gel. 5 great products all together. Also available is our Deluxe Kit that includes all the products above plus
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Miracle II Shipping Info:

Miracle II orders ship in 1 - 2 days via FedEx Ground Only, from the Miracle II plant in Monroe, LA. Straight to your door from the Miracle II plant means you will always receive the newest batch of products that have never been shipped or stored by a third party. When you order with Miss Daisy's Health you get a 30 day guarantee please read our terms and conditions.

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Miracle II Reviews and Testimonials:

"I was fooled into paying double the price from other distributors. I am so glad I found your site." Joyce S., WA


"Love the products and your prices are the best. Thanks for making Miracle II affordable for my family."
Susan R., Boulder CO


"I use Miracle soap for everything. I even brush my teeth with it and use the gel for my gums. My dentist is very impressed. So glad I found your site!" Brian G., Nashville TN


I've been purchasing Miracle II from you for over 7 years and love the prices but also your customer service is awesome. Thanks Dj, for always responding so quickly. Carry N., Santa Monica CA


I have severe allergies and can't use any other soap but Miracle II...Thanks for keeping your prices low!
Hannah L., Polk City FL


Miracle II has helped my acne and skin so much. I can't thank you enough! Heather M., Covington LA


"You always beat all the sites on total price! I have shopped the Internet to find the best deal and you are it! Thanks!" Carter T., Round Rock TX


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We offer all Miracle II products with a discount of over 40% and we are still the only Miracle II Distributor that offers the ENTIRE Miracle II product line to you at the lowest price available, including Miracle II Skin Moisturizer and Neutralizer Gel. We've made Miracle II economical for thousands of customers with the same low prices since 2004.


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Miracle II Soap Products

Miracle II Skin Moisturizer
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Miracle II Neutralizer Gel
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Low Price Leader Since 2004

Deodorant Stone
Miracle II Deodorant Stone
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Miracle II Uses and Instructions


Miracle II

We differ from ALL the other Miracle II distributors in the simple fact that we offer every SINGLE Miracle II product to you for a very low price ALL the time. Not one of our competitors does this for EVERY Miracle II product made exclusively by Miracle II, LLC (formerly Tedco, Inc.) All of our orders are shipped directly from Miracle II in Monroe, LA, so you always get the newest batch of Miracle II product and also items that haven't already been shipped plus they are available at the lowest price with a 30 day guarantee. FedEx tracking available for all Miracle II orders. Just login to your account and view past orders. You will receive an email order confirmation and a status update for shipping your Miracle II order from Miss Daisy's Health.


Miracle Soap

Regular Soap 22oz. -- BUY NOW
Regular Soap Gallon -- BUY NOW

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Moisturizing Soap

Moisturizing Soap 22oz. -- BUY NOW
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Miracle II Neutralizer

Miracle II Neutralizer 22oz. -- BUY NOW
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Neutralizer Gel

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Miracle II Skin Moisturizer

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Miracle II Laundry Ball -- BUY NOW

Miracle II / Thai Deodorant Stone -- BUY NOW